Who We Serve



of homeless youth are unsheltered — sleeping outside, in a car, or some place not meant for human habitation.



of young adults had once been part of the foster care system.



of homeless youths are unaccompanied minors, meaning they are not part of a family or accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Are You In Need Of A Mentor?

Upon completion of the six month program, participants are considered “S.T.A.M.P.ED” meaning, (Standing Tall And Manifesting Purpose Each Day) and will receive their S.T.A.M.P. portfolio and certificate. A portfolio will be created and presented for participants to take on their journeys of accomplishing their dreams and will reflect the community service hours completed. Each participant should have acquired the skills they’ve obtained to be able to adapt and overcome their adversities, hardships, and family struggles, placing them on a more positive road to success.

Our Mentees Matter

As a mentee, it is your responsibility to establish with your mentor the goals and objectives of the relationship. Take advantage of the opportunities presented. Be open and responsive to feedback, criticism, and coaching. Maintain integrity and confidentiality at all times. Most importantly, honor your mentor's time.
  • Make sure you are present for the initial contact with the mentor.
  • Schedule and initiate the monthly face-to-face progressing meetings with the mentor.
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times.
  • Respect the mentor’s and fellow mentee’s time.

Become A Mentee FAQs

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions for our mentee programs. If you still have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Do I choose my mentor?

No, based upon your application and the preferences you listed. The youth advocate advisor will match you with a mentor that best fits your needs.

How long will I be assigned to a mentor?

You will be assigned to a mentor for six months. However, you do have the option to remain in the S.T.A.M.P. Mentoring Program, Stay connected with your mentor after graduation, and participate in other programs or services offered.

What should I do if my mentoring relationship isn’t going well?

Please contact the Executive Director or Youth Advocate Advisor. If the relationship can be fixed we will help fix it. If not, you will be assigned to another mentor.

How can I ensure my mentoring relationship is productive?

Make sure you are meeting your mentor for all scheduled sessions. Communicate effectively. Complete all activities. Be open to receiving guidance, support, and assistance towards your future endeavors.

Will there be opportunities to job shadow and/or Internship?

Yes, there will be several opportunities for you to take advantage of in your field of interest as long as you are progressing in the S.T.A.M.P. Mentoring program and/or a minimum of 3 services.

Are there any exposure field trips or field studies?

Yes. We strive to implement a minimum of 3 field trips or field studies within a year. Do you have a particular place you would like to visit? If so, please share your ideal place with your mentor and they will inform the Executive Director or Youth Advocate Advisor.

How often do I meet with my mentor?

You will meet with your mentor for a minimum of 5 hours via a virtual platform within a week. However, if you need more time with your mentor or can be available on specific days. You will work that out with your assigned mentor. Also, if you are wanting to arrange a time for in-person sessions or outings. It will be based on your mentor schedule.

Where do I meet with my mentor for sessions?

Due to covid 19, we have decided to keep sessions virtually via platforms such as (Zoom, FaceTime, Duo, Google Meets, etc) until we feel it is safe for us to provide in-person sessions.

Become a Mentor

A mentor provides guidance and recommendations to help the mentees develop their dream of perfecting their skills, talents, and gifts to live out their purpose. A mentor will also serve as a resource to the S.T.A.M.P. mentoring program. A mentor will ask tough questions and communicate the unwritten rules of how to stop chasing dreams by becoming a dream achiever to remain purpose-driven and destiny-focused.

Advocate For Our Future

We are so grateful for our mentors, who are committed to helping us strengthen families and build stronger, healthier, and safer communities. Together, we are helping to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of so many individuals connected to us.
  • Complete an application and background check ($19).
  • Attend Mentor Training (1-2hrs) and orientation.
  • Get assigned to a mentee for 6 months (minimum of 5hrs/week).
  • Participate in a minimum of 3 educational trainings (see trainings).
  • Assist mentee with choosing the pathway to pursue a career or become an entrepreneur.
  • Attend mentee graduation from S.T.A.M.P. Mentoring Program.

Become A Mentor FAQs

Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions for our mentor programs. If you still have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

What is my role as a mentor with ONFIYA?

You will provide guidance, support, and good advice to all mentees. You will also be considered a role model, teacher, friend, and advocate to assist the youth with their goals for their future.

What’s in this for me, as a mentor?

You will gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping disadvantaged youth and their families. Improve interpersonal skills. Understand ongoing societal issues. Expansion of professional encounters. You will obtain opportunities to be of help and give back to various communities.

How will I be matched with a mentee?

Based on your preferences listed on your application. Please answer all questions proficiently.

How often should I meet with my mentee?

You are required to meet with your mentee via a virtual platform such as (Zoom, Google Meet, Duo, FaceTime, etc) for a minimum of 5 hrs within a week. You have the option to schedule in-person or outings as long as you are following Covid -19 guidelines with the Executive Director's approval.

Do I create my own schedule for sessions with my mentee?

Yes. You and your mentee should agree to a schedule that can best accommodate the sessions successfully.

Where is the best location to meet with my mentee?

Due to Covid- 19, we suggest that the majority of your sessions are held virtually via platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Duo, FaceTime, etc. If you want to conduct a session or outing in person. You will need to inform the Executive Director or Youth Advocate Advisor for approval.

Can I continue my relationship with my mentee for more than six months?

It is encouraged for you to remain in contact with your mentee after they complete the S.T.A.M.P. Mentoring Program. It is imperative that you also suggest other services for your mentee to take advantage of. Hence, It will be your decision whether or not you want to discontinue your relationship.

How do I plan activities, outings, and/or field studies with my mentee?

During orientation, you will receive a mentor handbook and a syllabus to guide you through activities. The handbook will instruct you on your next steps to execute activities, outings, and/or field studies sufficiently.

Looking To Become Our Next Intern?

O.N.F.I.Y.A. Agency offers internships to optimistic individuals looking to make an impact in the communities we serve. If you are looking for an opportunity to get experience working with youth and their families. We have several positions open to be filled with dedicated individuals such as yourself.

Internships With O.N.F.I.Y.A.

Are you a young adult looking to make an impact in communities around the world? O.N.F.I.Y.A. offers an internship program that provides real-world experiences with individuals, participants, and leaders globally. You will enjoy free field trips, seminars, and workshops. Cheerfully, we are proud to let you know that during your time with us we are open to flexible schedules, applying incentives, providing professional development training, and so much more. Intern criteria is as follows:
  • Must be 18 or over
  • Enrolled in a degree or certification program; be in good standing at the Institution
  • Must have a minimum 2.5 Cumulative GPA
  • Must be able to Intern for at least six months
  • Must participate in Professional Development