Sponsorship Packages


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Interested in donation membership packages?

Your selected package will contribute to our needs such as the following:
  1. It provides us consistent and stable funding towards field trips, workshops, seminars & transportation throughout the year
  2. It helps us provide gas stipends for our mentors to spend 1-1 time with their mentees
  3. It helps us incentivize our youth for 100 percent participation by taking advantage of a program or service
  4. It helps us fund our events throughout the year such as (back 2 school bash, Halloween festival, Thanksgiving dinner, & Christmas Brunch)
  5. It will provide sustainable temporary and emergency housing, and a building to house victims and host events.
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Interested in Sponsoring a Mentee?

One donation can provide a child with assistance towards a better future. Your sponsorship supports O.N.F.I.Y.A. in the efforts of reducing truancy, homelessness, recidivism, and poverty. Sponsor a youth that is currently facing the least-stable living circumstances and fewest resources available!