Intervention & Prevention Program

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Intervention & Prevention

O.N.F.I.Y.A.'s Intervention & Prevention Program includes strategies and services that attend both preventing and intervening in youth behaviors and/or thinking that inhibit their academic and personal success.
  • Teen Pregnancy
  • Drug & Alcohol
  • Domestic & Sexual Abuse
  • Dating Violence/Family Relation

Rising Stars focuses on youth between the ages of 13-17 who are at-risk junior secondary, senior secondary, and post-secondary school students that are affiliated with DJJ, DSS, Child warfare services, adoption agencies, group homes, etc.


Game Changers focuses on young adults between the ages of 18-20 who are having a hard time finding a job, homelessness, and/or lack of support from their community.


Transformers focuses on young adults between the ages of 21-25 who have succumbed to their circumstances by toxic environments, failed parental relationships, college dropouts, single parenting, and abusive encounters.

Prevent Negative Outcomes with

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Our intervention and prevention programs were designed to enhance mentees’ interpersonal skills, increase their problem-solving skills, create healthier relationships with adults and peers, improve school achievement, and reduce problematic behaviors. By taking advantage of any of the Intervention and Prevention programs you will be able to see an increase academically, a positive behavior change, and reduce delinquent and criminal activities.

From Our Mentors

O.N.F.I.Y.A. is a wonderful team and I am happy to be with this program. I personally have witnessed them touch and help so many young people and families. The program is designed to slowly build relationships with your mentee. Originally, I had a hard time connecting and completing sessions with my mentee but after a couple of months, we had a complete turnaround. I trusted the process by following and teaching the monthly topics, attending/showing up for the mentee, and being there for her even when she struggled to connect. Mrs. Harris and Jessica have been great in assisting me every step of the way which helped me to feel like my efforts were noticed. Now my mentee and I have a great relationship and she even wants me to continue being her mentee after the program! I truly wouldn’t want to be a part of any other program!
Jen Drayton
My name is Carmelita and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. Becoming A mentor has become so rewarding in my life. As me and my Mentee relationship grows we are also both growing individually with the help of each other. This experience I Greatly appreciate.The opportunity to make a difference in a kids life and work with O.N.F.I.Y.A who’s organization goes above and beyond for the youth and families is simply an honor. The passion and dedication they have is amazing and this experience is recommended!
Carmelita S
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O.N.F.I.Y.A. is currently building on Atlanta’s amazing community of disadvantaged youth, and the unwavering support backing them. What better way to celebrate our community than attending events together? Our events range from holiday gatherings to celebrations and preparations, to annual events, and more!