Programs Offered at O.N.F.I.Y.A.

All of our programs are designed to impact and affect the lives of each youth and their families throughout their journeys. We have worked very hard over the years creating programs that we can implement for participants to take with them and utilize after graduating from our programs.

Community Service

An opportunity for offenders, college students, and/or local schools to repay the community through unpaid work. This includes but is not limited to participating in field experiences by providing and performing services to the Children/Trauma Hospitals, nursing homes for cancer patients and cancer survivors, and Alzheimer’s patients.

Financial Literacy

Assists youth and their families with making wise financial decisions to promote financial well-being over their lifetime. Learn to better understand the value of money and how to live comfortably from a financial perspective.

Intervention & Prevention

Caters to at-risk youth and young adults with an effort to further reduce teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, homelessness, incarceration, and/or any grief due to a loss. This includes strategies and services that pertain to youth behaviors and the internal thoughts that can inhibit academic and personal success.

Mentor & Me

Helps K-12 schools build up their student’s sense of competence, self-determination, and connections with others. This is done by supporting the efforts of improving at-risk students’ high truancy rate, lack of interest in academics, alcohol and drug awareness, and their family’s disconnect from the school environment.

On The Job Training

Offers part-time wage reimbursement to businesses that hire and train a youth 16 or older, for 15-25 hours per week. Job shadowing and training will expose participants to professional workplace etiquette, attire, and best practices.


A six-month program focusing on faith, self-confidence, trust, respect, integrity, and relationships to empower participants with important life skills. The youth and their mentors will portray soft skills and participate in a structured program of support that includes 1:1 mentoring, monthly team-building, and group activities.