Team Members

Janea’ Harris

Founder & Executive Director

In the iconic words of Destiny’s Child, Janea’ Harris is a Survivor! She is an Advocate! She is a Voice of the people!

Janea’ was raised in Savannah, GA and graduated with honors in 2009 from South University with an Associates of Science Degree. She is also a 6 year Army Veteran. Life for Janea’ has been no crystal stair, as she is a survivor of domestic violence, homelessness and teenage pregnancy. Overcoming the grief of losing a sibling to gun violence in 2008 has invited her to become a voice for the youth, as well as, those who have been overlooked and counted out in life.

Janea’ Harris is a mother of three, and her educational background is rooted in Human Services. In addition to operating O.N.F.I.Y.A., she is also an inspirational speaker for various organizations and state agencies in both Georgia and South Carolina. Including: The Department of Juvenile Justice, The Department of Social Services, The Olympia Learning Center, Richland County School Districts, Sumter County School District, Delta GEMS, R.O.S.E.S., Benedict College, and The University of South Carolina.

As her journey continues and she impacts several communities as an activist, Janea’ currently serves as the Youth Commissioners Advisor for the Legislative and Social Injustice committee in Clayton County, GA. One of her favorite quotes is “You’re not a victim for sharing your story, you are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth and raging courage.” -Alex Elle

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Jessica Champion

Youth Advocate Advisor

Jessica Champion is a mother, wife, student and small business owner. She is currently in school to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with the career path of counselor. She was drawn into working with children because her own childhood was far from perfect. Due to  having one of her school counselors impacting her life greatly over the past couple of years. It inspired her to want to touch the lives of children and impact their lives as much as the school counselor did hers. Mrs. Champion truly believes in helping the underserved communities and fighting for at risk youth and their families.

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Tommie Womack

Chairman of Fundraising

Tommie is a masterful poet and storyteller reaching all ages and levels. He is a 20 year army veteran, seasoned professional with a presentation style that is motivational, uplifting, and engaging. He’s an inspirational speaker who empowers the audience with a drive and thought-provoking passion to take action. Tommie’s specialty is working with veterans and their spouses who are transitioning out of the military. Tommie works with youth organizations, non-profit, charities and churches inspiring at-risk-youths. He trains and motivates corporate America new leaders. He helps them confront and overcome obstacles through coaching, training and mentoring. Some of Tommie’s topics include mindset, attitude, leadership, belief and self-worth. He leaves his audience with a thorough understanding of their life journey through what he calls a Poetic View.

Fundraising is another one of Tommie’s favorite things to do; He has Evaluated the effectiveness of on-going fundraising campaigns, including fundraising efficiency (cost / expense / revenue goals). Tommie is big on community engagement, especially working with local community leaders to identify, recruit, manage and steward volunteer committees for the overall success of the campaign.

His experience includes performances and presentations at a variety of levels across all audiences.

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